Fernbach, Philip M., Nicholas Light, Sydney E. Scott, Yoel Inbar, and Paul Rozin (2019), “Extreme Opponents of Genetically Modified Foods Know the Least but Think They Know the Most,” Nature Human Behaviour, 3(3), 251–56, available at

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Light, Nicholas and Philip M. Fernbach (forthcoming), “The Role of Knowledge Calibration in Intellectual Humility,” in The Routledge Handbook of Philosophy of Humility, ed. Alessandra Tanesini, Michael Patrick Lynch, and Mark Alfano (invited chapter).

Manuscripts in Progress

“Keep It Simple (Sometimes): Consumer Perceptions of Brand Simplicity and Risk,” (with P. Fernbach). Data collection in progress (three studies completed).

“Complexity in Consumer Decision Making: A Review,” (with P. Fernbach). Manuscript in progress.

“Knowledge, Extremity, and Polarization in the Public Acceptance of Science,” (with P. Fernbach). Manuscript in progress.

“Fake News and Consumer Trust in Online Marketing” (with L. Williams and J. Pomerance). Data collection in progress.

Research Interests

  • Consumer perceptions of simplicity/complexity

  • Knowledge and metacognition

  • Public understanding of science

  • Spatial influences on decision making

  • Branding and positioning